Sunday, 25 September 2011

Welcome to my brand new blog!

Welcome to my first ever blog page, I love writing so here goes.
I hope you enjoy.

I am so excited to say the only way is Essex is starting tonight for it's 3rd series woohoo and I'm so pleased to still be part of it. I look forward to you all seeing the first episode for series 3 tonight!

Love Harry xXx


  1. Aww good look with your blog and towie xxx

  2. Hi Harry can't wait to read more and start watching the new series tonight. Still got your exclusive design I made you to send. Email me xx

  3. Hi Harry, welcome to blogging! Can't wait for series 3, look forward to you posting again soon :) x x

  4. Good Luck with your blog....I am so excited for TOWIE tonight xx